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With the proliferation of remote work, it’s imperative that today’s professionals feel comfortable utilizing video conferencing for professional purposes. Video conferencing is a more effective substitute for audio-only conference calls when face-to-face meetings are impossible. Most systems also provide a variety of other collaboration capabilities, including chat, whiteboards, and file sharing, in addition to voice and video conferencing. The time and money spent on travel and renting meeting spaces, audiovisual equipment, and food and drink may be saved, a major perk for firms.

Many available video conferencing providers provide no-cost clients for various operating systems and the web. Even with this, picking a video conferencing solution is simple for a company. Some are designed for broader online conferences, while others are more suited to one-on-one settings such as online instruction or presentation delivery to large groups. Leading video conferencing software systems are ranked based on their features and usability to help you select a solution that works for your organization. Below are brief descriptions of our best selections and links to in-depth evaluations. Then, read on for some purchasing advice that should help you decide.

Because of the many features of each Zoom subscription, it is a frontrunner among video conferencing services. People choose this platform over others because of its high-quality video and music and quick file-sharing features. After bad experiences with competing conferencing call software, many of Zoom’s users have transitioned. To easily and efficiently engage with consumers and clients remotely, Zoom is the best web meeting software. SSL encryption is used to protect private communications and is cross-platform (working with Chrome and Linux).

Microsoft Teams is built for effective and simple teamwork. It’s built on Microsoft Office tools like Word and SharePoint, and its interface and framework allow for a very engaging experience. The business has also enabled Skype for Business to function within Microsoft Teams. This software was developed to compete with the proliferation of popular collaboration platforms like Slack. Microsoft Teams’ video conferencing feature is equally as intriguing and effective as the rest of the company’s chat features. From within a conversation, users may initiate video conferences.

GoToMeeting’s dominance in the video conferencing space may be waning. Still, its extensive feature set makes it an excellent remote meeting software for businesses of all sizes. Compared to similar programs, this one stands out due to its intuitive polling and “raise a hand” features. With GoToMeeting, you can host unlimited secure video conferences with full end-to-end encryption. GoToMeeting can support 10 – 250 attendees, depending on your chosen plan. The free edition only allows three users, whereas the paid version accommodates up to one hundred.

Google Meet, formerly Google Hangouts, is now integral to Google’s G Suite business software. Users may save time by connecting Google Meet to their other favorite Google apps like Gmail and Calendar. The Google Calendar may quickly provide a Google Meet link and phone number. The main window of Meet displays the video stream of the presently speaking participant, but a gallery view is also available. To maintain its position as a market leader, Google has enhanced the platform’s video and audio capabilities by reducing background noise. Anybody with a free Google Account may host a Google Hangout for up to 60 minutes. Live streaming to up to 100,000 people inside a domain is a paid premium capability available to businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Among ezTalks Meetings’ greatest selling factors is the company’s dedication to always improving the software with new capabilities and more modern standards for online conferences. This solution works on Android and iOS smartphones and is easy to navigate, especially for newcomers. Regarding online video conferences, ezTalks Meetings is one of the best options for use in the medical, educational, and social sectors. However, fewer of your business colleagues may be familiar with it because it has yet to see the same level of publicity as Zoom. Free users can have meetings with a maximum of 100 attendees for 40 minutes, and they can save an unlimited amount of HD video conference recordings.

StarLeaf has its application programming interface (API), allowing conferencing to be tailored to individual needs. It comes with free Android, iOS, and Windows software, and the firm offers various upgrades and integrations, such as Slack and Skype for Business. StarLeaf’s innovative design frees you from the constraints of conventional virtual conference room software, letting you bring the connection to any corner of your organization. This platform is a fantastic substitute if you want to avoid investing in expensive on-premises video infrastructure. All StarLeaf subscriptions include unlimited invites and guests, calendar connections with Outlook and Google, and global audio dial-in numbers.

Cisco Webex, a video collaboration platform, greatly facilitates online instruction, webinars, and remote help. It is especially useful for companies that have valid security concerns. Transport Layer Security (TLS), third-party accreditations, encryption, firewall compatibility, single sign-on, and secure scheduling options are all included in this teleconference program. Cisco Webex is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS devices and integrates seamlessly with Outlook. In addition, Cisco Webex is consistent with other remote-work tools thanks to an open standards-based framework. You may customize it to add features useful for webinars, remote technical assistance, and instruction.

Dialpad AI Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that uses AI to increase the effectiveness of meetings. Transcribe your meetings in real-time with Dialpad AI Meetings so you can pay attention to the talk instead of taking notes. Find the discussion’s defining terms and phrases to get the relevant data quickly. Keep tabs on the meeting’s follow-up tasks and ensure they’re completed. Getting a summary of the meeting, along with important takeaways and action items, is a good idea to ensure that you stay caught up on your job. The Dialpad AI Meetings interface is very intuitive. No special software is required; you may attend meetings from any device. Meetings may be scheduled and managed with Dialpad AI Meetings, which integrates with your existing calendar and productivity tools. 

High-quality video and audio, encrypted communication, and support for several platforms are benefits of using TrueConf as your video conferencing and collaboration solution. Many different types of enterprises, universities, and government agencies use it. TrueConf’s security features are among its most attractive qualities. End-to-end encryption is used for all conversations, and additional security options like two-factor authentication and single sign-on are available on the platform. Because of this, it is a viable option for businesses concerned about keeping private information safe. Truly, you can count on TrueConf. It employs several methods to keep calls clear and uninterrupted regardless of network quality. This makes it a viable option for businesses that need to have regular video conferences. Finally, TrueConf works on several operating systems. It’s compatible with a wide range of computing platforms and mobile gadgets. Because of this, it’s a great option for companies that employ a diverse group of people.

Skype is a freemium Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that lets users communicate by video call, voice call, instant message, and file sharing between computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices connected to the Internet. Over a billion people worldwide use Skype, making it one of the most widely used VoIP platforms. It’s used by businesses of all sizes, from one-person operations to multinational conglomerates. Skype may be downloaded for PCs, Macs, Linux, and mobile devices running iOS, Android, or Windows Phones. In addition, it may be accessed online. To start using Skype, sign up for a free account. You can call from the mobile app after signing up for Skype. Skype is a wonderful tool for maintaining relationships with those far away. All types of enterprises and organizations can benefit from using this tool.

BlueJeans Meetings is an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution that facilitates safe, high-quality interactions between employees, clients, and suppliers. The platform offers high-quality audio and video and a suite of productivity capabilities that streamline teamwork and information sharing. Additionally, BlueJeans Meetings may be scaled to meet the demands of any size company, from startups to multinational corporations. BlueJeans Meetings utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide HD video and audio, even on congested networks. Tools like screen sharing, whiteboarding, and file sharing are all a part of BlueJeans Meetings’ arsenal of efficiency boosters. BlueJeans Meetings may be customized to fit the demands of any size company, from startups to multinational conglomerates. When it comes to safety, BlueJeans Meetings is an uncompromised platform.

Video conferencing with Intermedia AnyMeeting, hosted in the cloud, is now a powerful and inexpensive option for enterprises of all sizes. In addition to integrating with major productivity tools like Outlook, G Suite, Slack, and MS Teams, AnyMeeting also offers 720p HD video conferencing with support for up to 100 cameras, conference call numbers and PINs, screen annotation, and more. There is no necessary setup or training time for using or managing AnyMeeting. Remote administrators may easily work with users and devices using web tools, and conferences can be initiated and joined in seconds. Screen sharing, built-in audio and video choices, meeting transcripts, and more are just a few of the features that can be used with a few clicks in AnyMeeting. AnyMeeting is not only feature-rich and simple to use but also incredibly cheap. 

With RingCentral Video, you and your coworkers, clients, and business partners can meet online in a safe and dependable environment. It has both a free and a premium version, with many of the same capabilities (such as HD video, audio, and screen sharing). Use the RingCentral app, a compatible web browser, or a phone to dial into a RingCentral Video conference. There is no cap on the amount of people who can join a meeting, and you can set it up in advance or start it on the fly. If you need a secure solution that complies with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and HITRUST, go no further than RingCentral Video. All data sent during a meeting is encrypted both while in transit and at rest, and additional features like a waiting area and user verification may further ensure the confidentiality of your gatherings. RingCentral Video is an excellent choice if you need a safe and dependable platform for online video meetings. It has a free, basic plan that meets most people’s needs, is feature-rich, and is simple to use.

Use ClickMeeting to organize and participate in online conferences, seminars, and other activities. HD video and audio, screen sharing, a whiteboard, a question and answer session, and live chat are just some of the services it provides. With ClickMeeting, customers may participate in webinars and meetings from their mobile devices. Users can see and hear each other thanks to ClickMeeting’s high-quality video and audio. For demonstrations or presentations, users can share their screens with others. Users may work together on papers or drawings using the whiteboard function. With the Q&A function, audience members can pose questions to the speaker in real-time. Thanks to the live chat function, those attending a webinar or meeting together may talk to one another in real time. ClickMeeting allows customers to participate in webinars and meetings from their mobile devices. ClickMeeting is widely used by organizations, including those in the education and nonprofit sectors. It’s a great choice for those who often organize or participate in webinars, conferences, or other similar virtual gatherings.

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