Bitcoin Ordinals’ $5M Liquid Trading Fund Attracts Investors


Institutional investors are courageously treading new ground, boldly stepping into the world of Bitcoin Ordinals as the introduction of the protocol’s inaugural managed fund ‘Unbroken Chain’ went live to raise $5 million.

Spearheaded by Consolidated Trading’s L.Asher Corson, the liquid trading treasury has garnered significant support from the creator of the BRC-20 token standard, Domo; Ordinals’ former communications director, Isabel Foxen Duke, and BTC Inc.’s UTXO Management.

Already, contributions have hit more than $1.5 million, bolstered by the acquirement of Bitcoin Rock, obtained on September 20 for a weighty $85,000 (3 BTC).

Unbroken Chain’s Unique Funding Approach

The Unbroken Chain fund boldly asserts itself as the groundbreaking managed fund actively engaged in trading inscriptions and Ordinals, which encloses BRC-20 tokens, similar to ERC-2O tokens on the Ethereum network.

Investments encompass a wide range of assets: Bitcoin-native tokens, unique satoshis, and distinguished inscriptions. Now operating under Unbroken Chain’s banner, these collectibles are at the forefront of the liquid trading fund, bringing sizeable capital into the Ordinals ecosystem. 

Not only does this groundbreaking initiative bolster institutional investments in Bitcoin-based NFTs, but it also underscores what is achievable within the boundless boundaries of the blockchain-based landscape. 

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